New year. New goals.

One year ago I set a goal for myself to start a blog and keep it active for a full year. I’m happy to be able to say I met that goal. I wasn’t sure what the blog would turn into, but several followers, tweets, likes and pins, it turned into a bigger success than I had ever anticipated. When I found out I was pregnant I instantly thought I would transform the blog to a maternity clothing focus. I think I managed to post a couple of times since then. I am loving pregnancy and loving my new collection of maternity fashion, but the blog process is a bit exhausting. I would usually take pictures when I got home from work and before I changed into my comfy clothes for the night. Lately I change the second I get home into workout clothes or lounge clothes and then I realize I forgot to take any photos. Pregnancy brain! That said, I have decided that accomplishing my goal was a great feat and I have some new goals for 2014 that I want to focus on. Putting the blog on hold is a good decision for me (although I will likely come back to it post baby). Thank you to everyone who has continued to read and contact me through the past 12 months. I really appreciate your interest and I hope to be back on here in the near future!