A Lesson in Customer Service.

I like to plan ahead when it comes to what I will wear to big events. Well I like to plan ahead full stop. A while back I bought an outfit to wear to a garden wedding for a good friend of mine. It was head to toe Tibi and I loved it. Months went by and my outfit sat patiently waiting for the August party to arrive. A few weeks ago I thought I should bring it out of hiding and make sure everything fit and start packing for our trip. When I went to put on the shoes, to my horror, one of the ankle straps was missing. Just gone. I ripped apart my entire closet and my entire shoe rack and couldn’t find it anywhere. Full panic mode set in. I went online to try and find the same shoes again but they were sold out everywhere. I then went on the Tibi website and contacted their online customer service. I wrote a long desperate email explaining the situation about the ankle strap (which I should mention was gold and not easy to replace) and how I had 2 weeks until the wedding and a pair of beautiful shoes that were brand new and now unwearable. Within 24 hours, I had an email back from the lovely Chesa saying how excited she was to tell me she had found a matching gold strap and was going to put it in the mail right away and FREE of charge! Well if you can only imagine, I felt like I just won the lottery. Crisis had been solved and balance was restored.

A week and a half went by and the strap still had not arrived. I emailed Tibi back asking if Chesa had any tracking information and sadly she did not. She then said that she would send me 2 black straps that would work well with the gold shoes overnight. She THEN emailed back AGAIN and said she found ANOTHER gold strap and would send that one instead. She used UPS overnight and sure enough the next day I had a shiny golden strap with a beautiful hand written note in my hands.

The wedding was beautiful and the outfit felt amazing. I cannot express my thanks enough to Chesa and Tibi for going above and beyond to send me a simple strap which I must have thrown out in an OCD purge of my closet. To send not one, but two straps directly to me has made me a loyal customer for life. It’s those types of details that make or break a brand and I will never forget the experience I had in dealing with them.

Thank you Chesa and the Tibi team. You make beautiful clothes and are beautiful people.

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