Cozy in Phoenix.

Well if you can believe it, I had to layer up in Phoenix. We’ve been here for about a month now and the first 3 weeks were warm and beautiful. Overnight, the weather changed and we saw rain and low temps. (By the way, rain in Phoenix is a top news story here….they go into total shock when they see water falling from the sky for 2 days). While at a Pearl Jam concert, we were lucky enough to win a draw for hockey tickets to see the PHX Coyotes. That meant a cozy and comfy outfit. I layered up starting with my new favourite maternity tights paired with a striped sweatshirt from Target. (Target in the States has way better maternity selection and is very reasonably priced). I layered with my pre-pregnancy jean jacket, a warm infinity scarf and some Chuck Taylors to complete the look. This is how I do casual maternity 🙂

Black maternity tights: David Lerner

Striped maternity sweatshirt: Liz Lange Maternity for Target

Jean jacket: J.Crew

Infinity scarf: J.Crew

Runners: Converse Chuck Taylors





Switching gears.

I want to thank my readers for your questions and comments about where I’ve been hiding. I do have an explanation for my slight disappearance over the last month (and a bit). After some hard work 🙂 , my husband and I are finally pregnant and so thrilled! I had been working with my existing wardrobe for as far as I could take it without it looking too obvious, but I started showing quite early on and have recently made the leap into the world of maternity clothes. That said, the blog will be switching gears slightly and focussing on how to dress this ever changing body. So far, I’m loving being pregnant and have been pretty lucky in terms of avoiding too many terrible symptoms. Up until this point, I have been wearing a lot of tights, boots and sweaters. I’ve been using belly bands to still wear my pre-pregnancy jeans but they’re not always the most comfortable. I don’t like clothes you have to fuss too much with, which is why I’m starting to invest in some great maternity pieces. I feel that a pregnant body is a beautiful body and fashion does not need to be sacrificed. We are spending some time in the States right now which means GOOD SHOPPING. Stay tuned for an evolution of Wear to From Here over the next few months. Thanks for sticking around.