My collection of scarves is something I’m actually proud of 🙂 Possibly an addiction, but throwing on a scarf can just change a whole look or tie a look together. Right now in Calgary, the mornings are chilly but the days are hot. It makes for tricky dressing decisions. Scarves fix that in an instant. A simple black tank and dark blue zipper jeans + a favourite new fall scarf (this one is arguably a blanket) and I was set for the day. My husband decided to take the top off the Jeep and wrapping this scarf around me on a cold summer morning felt just perfect. Peeling it off by mid-day and I transitioned into the heat. There are several ways to tie a scarf but it usually depends on the size. This one is so huge that I just throw it around my neck and keep tucking it in until I can see infront of me. No right or wrong. Here is a great link to a video on youtube.

Mosaic fall scarf: Wilfred

Navy blue denim with black zippers: Rag & Bone

Black tank: Rag & Bone

Thong sandals: Steve Madden





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