Birthday Suit.

Ok, so maybe a misleading title for this entry….but it WAS my birthday and this WAS my ‘suit’. I love birthdays – especially mine 🙂 . Growing up, my family always made a big deal out of birthdays (still do) and my husband is the same. He always has perfect (and meaningful) surprises for me. This year we went for a romantic dinner to the restaurant where we got married. Usually most people are out of town for the summer when my bday rolls around, so my husband secretly had friends send in videos wishing me a happy birthday and he put them together in a montage for me to watch. SO sweet! The evening was just perfect and I wore a simple black dress. I love over-accessorizing (when the time is right) and decided on a few layering necklaces for a statement and focal point of the outfit. Picked out some understated nude pumps and I was ready to ring in another amazing year.

Black dress: Wilfred

Nude pumps: Nine West

Necklaces: Anthropologie

Black clutch: Nine West


IMG_3277 IMG_3278 IMG_3279


2 thoughts on “Birthday Suit.

  1. Love this! You made it? Def following your blog, follow me for awesome fashion and deals. I was recently asked to be a blogger on so check me out on there as well under “Chloe’s cravings”! Great post!

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