White Pants.

Oh white pants. It’s a love-hate relationship. I love how crisp and clean they look, but you do have to be careful about a few things when selecting and wearing them. First, I usually go up one size when I buy white skinnies. There is something about white jeans that are too tight on the leg that make you feel (and look) like you are wearing leg casts. Just a bit more room helps to not feel like you’re totally on display (especially in the underwear department). No matter the thong, you always need to make sure your white jeans are not see-through. And please, please, pick a light colour or nude thong. A good test for how see-through white pants are is to look at the pockets. If you can see the front pockets through the fabric, the pants are too transparent. White pants are also usually a one time wear before you need to wash them. They show everything! Don’t think too hard about not spilling on yourself – or else you definitely will. Just like I did today.

White ankle jeans: J. Crew

Tie-dye tank: Club Monaco

Brown belt: Club Monaco

Navy blazer: Talula

Nude pumps: Nine West





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