Short shorts & platforms.

I love my shorts short, but average length are usually even shorter on me. High hips and long legs have always been my blessing and curse. Finding bottoms that fit properly are a challenge when you have a 34″+ inseam. When it comes to shorts (and skirts) – they just look that much shorter. I use to be self conscious about things being too short, but you learn to embrace what you have and get over it. I also love high heels and platform shoes. Again, when you’re 5’9″ you have moments of being self conscious about being a giant and only wanting to wear flats. But, with time, you learn to work with what you have and wear what you love. This simple summer outfit felt fresh. I felt tall and my shorts felt short. I embraced it.

White shorts: Club Monaco

Stripe t-shirt: Aritzia

Platform sandals: Nine West

Camel purse: J.Crew


IMG_3249 IMG_3248


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