June is our rainy season. We know this. But every year, it’s the same thing…. we act surprised (and grumpy). I figure what better way to combat grey skys and downpours than to put on the brightest, sunniest shirt I have. Bright, neon colours are among us and they truly do something to lift your mood when the sun just refuses to come out. Yellows, pinks/corals, reds, bright blues – they all scream spring and summer and they all demand attention. Pick either your top or bottom to focus a bright colour on and pair with a more neutral tone on the opposite end. It helps to give the eye a place to focus instead of just being loud noise from head to toe.

Neon blouse: Aritzia

Navy Blazer: Talula

Boyfriend Jean: J. Brand

Booties: Rag & Bone


IMG_3233 IMG_3234


2 thoughts on “Sunshine.

    • If you like J.Brands, definitely check out these BF jeans. You’ll need to size down (a couple sizes) because this cut fits huge. Appreciate your comment and taking the time to read! Much thanks!

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