Boyfriend jeans.

I’ve never really understood the reference to ‘boyfriend clothes’. Do people actually wear their boyfriend’s clothes in public? Maybe a hoodie or tshirt when you’re at home sick or to sleep in – but other than that…. not flattering. Regardless, the name has stuck and boyfriend jeans are more popular now than ever before. Typically a baggy fit with a lot of distressed detail (again, do boyfriends only wear ripped jeans?). I usually patch all of my ripped denim from the inside with a denim patch (available at most craft or fabric stores) to make them last longer and to stop cold drafts or the chance of an unshaven knee showing through. This pair from J. Brand came already patched which was awesome! They are sewn right inside adding a cool stitch detail on the front. Boyfriend jeans are also good for the ego as you will probably need to go down 1-2 sizes from your usual. Pair with heels to dress ’em up or flats/flipflops to dress em’ down.

Boyfriend jeans: J. Brand

Black knit sweater: Community

Booties: Rag & Bone

Beige purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs






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