Movie Night.

I don’t love going to movie theatres. I find the seats uncomfortable and I fall asleep no matter how loud it is.  I do, however, love an impromptu date night. I was already wearing this when we decided to hit the town for dinner and a flick. Sometimes when you’re comfortable you need to just leave well alone and not over think it. I’m loving denim shirts lately. Somehow I’ve started a collection of them.

Polkadot denim pullover – J.Crew

Black jeans – Rag & Bone

Brown boots – Steve Madden

Beige scarf – brought back from Italy

Cross-body purse – Marc Jacobs

Movie Night

Movie Night Movie Night



2 thoughts on “Movie Night.

  1. I love your Steve Madden boots in the picture of Movie Night outfit, with polka dot shirt. Where could I get those boots? What was the name of them from Steve Madden? So I could try to find them!! Please let me know!

  2. HI Nora. I just took a look on the Steve Madden site and I don’t see the exact ones there. They are a couple years old now. The closest style would be the HEISNBRG but they look a bit higher. The colour and toe shape look the same though. Good luck!

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